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What is SOZO?

The Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry.  The focus of Sozo is to get to the root of those issues hindering you personally including: physical pain, emotional trauma, grief & sorrow, generational strongholds, false beliefs, hopelessness, and being disconnected from your relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Methods of inner healing and prayers are utilized to set you free from soul wounds, break strongholds, replace lies with truth, release forgiveness, and close doors that gave access to the enemy. Transformation is immediate!  With a healed body, soul and spirit you can move forward and walk in your divine destiny empowering you to prosper in every area of your life.


IAM-ONE utilizes SOZO as a powerful tool for:

  • Other inner healing/deliverance ministries
  • Healing, Encounter rooms
  • Couples, Family
  • Finances, Businesses
  • The Arts, Creativity
  • Prison, Rehabilitation
  • Self-help
  • Intercession, Other prayer ministries

IAM-ONE Provides:

  • Individual Sozo
  • Couples Sozo
  • Basic Sozo Training
  • Financial Sozo
  • Ongoing mentorship integrating Sozo
  • Seminars & Presentations

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